Over the first two decades of the 20th century, the only successful Native American insurgence on the North American continent was waged in Mexico’s Yucatan.  President Porfirio Diaz’s ambitious commissioning of General Ignacio Bravo to seize and hold Chan Santa Cruz, capital of the revolted Maya, succeeded… but the forces of occupation found themselves surrounded by patient, implacable rebels and their equally implacable monte. 


In this seventh book (of 10), Jose Macias and General Bravo meet in exile in Havana where Jose is commissioned to pursue the murderous El Chacol and Bravo’s treacherous mistress, Consuela and recover the securities which their new patron, Felix Diaz, requires to prosecute his campaign against the beleaguered President Madero.


Jose, accordingly, returns to Veracruz and finds himself in the middle of a revolutionary campaign which, after a few early successes, results in the defeat and imprisonment of Diaz.  Using informers, he tracks the sinister pair to the desolate mountain village of Cuahtenotl… notable only as a great dumping ground for the regalia of former Porfirian celebrations.  Amidst a great valley of garbage and broken monuments, he pursues such clues as he can wrangle out of the taciturn and spooky villagers, finally cornering the savage Chacol and dispatching him.


Consuela proves a much sterner problem.


(The “Epact” is a span of five… sometimes six… days left over at the end of the year among certain peoples who divide their year into twelve equal months of thirty days, notably the Egyptians and various ancient civilizations of Mexico.  The Maya call this wedge of time… unlucky in every aspect… the uayab, and reckon it from July but in Central Mexico, it falls at the end of October and beginning of November; the cusp of the Days of the Dead… or the American and European holidays of Halloween.)


This is no festive holiday – rather, a communion of devilish and malicious spirits that can be channeled by evildoers… like Jose and Consuela.



          AUGUST 14. 2017

           AUGUST 7, 2017


 8 – Monday, August 14th  

 1 – Monday, August 7th 


 9 – Tuesday, August 15th

 2 – Tuesday, August 8th 


 10 – Wednesday, August 16th 

 3 – Wednesday, August 9th 


 11 – Thursday,  August 17th

 4 – Thursday,  August 10th 


 12 -- Friday, August 18th

 5 - Friday,  August 11th


 13 -- Saturday, August 19th

 6 - Saturday, August 12th


 14 -- Sunday,  August 20th

 7 - Sunday, August 13th