Over the first two decades of the 20th century, the only successful Native American insurgence on the North American continent was waged in Mexico’s Yucatan.  President Porfirio Diaz’s ambitious commissioning of General Ignacio Bravo to seize and hold Chan Santa Cruz, capital of the revolted Maya, succeeded… but the forces of occupation found themselves surrounded by patient, implacable rebels and their equally implacable monte. 


In this fifth book (of 10), Captain Jose Macias returns to the Army of the Republic and the Territory of Quintana Roo and is given an important posting as commander of the railway station of Akbal – midway between Santa Cruz del Bravo and the sea.  There, he begins to understand how war and occupation can often go hand-in-hand with exploitation and collaboration as the few… Maya or Mexican… grow rich at the expense of the many, including the legions of miserable prisoners shipped out to the Territory as the regime of Porfirio Diaz spirals into chaos.  General Bravo, himself embroiled in family dissensions, leads troops to put down a rebellion in Valladolid and the former peon, now Cruzob official Silvestro Kaak encounters Mexican justice.





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