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March 26th




By Jack Parnell - retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate


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          Entropy, as we have come to see, is that condition of the stasis or decline as percolates upwards out of lack of personal or institutional integrity, vigor and/or vision, often multiplied by resentments against those as display same.  Cogitative warfare, one may say, as opposed to the Democratic Party’s pretend class warfare (or, in the ‘Publicans’ case, distractive class, racial, gender and cultural “lite” pogroms).

          Renaissance happens when people pick themselves up by their bootstraps, even them little plastic flip flops if they can't afford boots, slice the rot out'n a culture like mold off bread or brown spots off'n bananas, spread on thick with  bacon, peanut butter and fried up for lunch. Jus' the way Elvis liked!

          The intent of Renaissance is to build societies of gravitas... which, in one way of speaking, resembles the latter-day Elvis, too, but is, more presciently, considered a weight of the intellect spread thick with common sense. The sort of respect you just don't jack by waving some gun around – badge or none.

          Are great administrations made so by adversity? Think about this! Was the POTUS 44 really America's third-best-ever President... as the last ABC news poll of his administration determined, tho’ also naming him third worst... with Reagan best and JFK second?  Hell – ol’ George the First ranked seventh and Bill effin' Clinton ranked fifth, behind Lincoln but both ahead of those baptized through wars, insurrections and depressions. Ahead of Washington, Jackson and Jefferson, the Roosevelts, even my own dark-horse favorite, Chester Allen Arthur!  King George Bush, the Second… our own beloved Bankrupt Geordie!… ranked eighth.  Not thirty-eighth… eighth!

          And our illustrious forty five.  Well his own poll, taken by and consisting of Himself, put Donald Trump second among America’s leaders behind, also, Lincoln.  But Lincoln was elevated only for the reason that he wore one of those tall hats so prevalent in the 1800s… not because he freed the slaves or won the war, or for the Gettysburg Address.  This same President as gave himself an A on dealing with the plague (as he called the China Virus) during his administration then promoted himself to A+ because… without the knowledge of the NIH, the CDC, the vast and varied medical community, real science or or fake Deep State media… a vaccine would have be developed by Election Day; just the sort of thing to turn those ugly old polls around.

          It wasn’t… and it didn’t.  Trump now contends that Joe Biden and his gang merely plagiarized the research that was done on  his watch – and some of that might be true.  But nobody cares.  The involuntary unvaxxed are too busy hoping that their lucky number comes up, the denialists just want to enjoy Spring Break.

          (Actually, a few of those despised Initialcrats whom he takes such pleasure in deriding and maligning in his midnight tweets believe they could have deliver a cure by Election Day had a little bit o’ help… by which, of course, they meant money… had manifested.  The problem, as any capitalist should have known, exists now on the assembly line… and as the public realizes that the richest and most powerful of the rich and powerful will  jump to the head of the line, there may be some anger.)

          And the good news for Repubs is that the cheating – and the fingerpointing – is bipartisan.  Evidence for the prosecution: Andrew Cuomo.

          Fidit!... Fidit!

          The luckier components of our information-nation's in "recovery" from the plague as, until a year or so ago, from this or that... "recovering alcoholics", "recovering bulemics", "recovering rebels". Recovering twitterers?  In a sense, the country and the culture and the culture of the country are in rehab too… most sad cases are recovering from the youth culture and the naiveté thereof, as promised life would go on like on pre-plague daytime television (mostly banter and commercials for stuff some people could buy while others couldn’t). "The culture we live in is carried on the back of advertising..." posited media critic James Twitchell, not excluding the ubiquitous corporate logos as now enliven urinals and airline barf bags though, unfortunately, not the suits of Congressmen, "...if you cannot find commercial support for what you have to say, it will not be transported."

          Now when Americans say "culture" of any vintage, what they really mean is "sex".  Freud said so.  Freud wasn't American, but never mind... there are the some as believe coitus illegitimitus as takes place in Art Museum cloakrooms differs, fundamentally, from what transpires in the trailer parks.  Or in warm crowded maskless motel pools during Spring Break,

          Wilhelm Reich "split with Freud and went off on his own wobbly path," said Time Magazine, naming him one of medicine's three all-time "Cranks and Villains" of the Twentieth Century (with Josef Mengele, of Auschwitz, and Stalin's genetic guru, Lysenko). Late in life, Reich did express an unwise public belief in UFOs, but under extenuating circumstances: first persecuted by the Nazis, then the Commies, he finally escaped to America... which burned his books in a public ceremony and tossed him under a jail, wherein he died in 1957.  Triple-play!  No wonder he looked to the skies for a hope of relief – sixty-some million Americans last November voted for a fellow who cruised along with the conspiracy that baby-eating interstellar reptiles were chowing down in blue-state pizza parlors.

          Reich had committed Time's ultimate sin: he discriminated!

          He drew lines of demarcation between "work capitalism", defined as manufacture... whether of steel, agriculture, or finished goods like shoes, automobiles, even television sets... and "finance capitalism". He compared the Wall Street boys to gamblers, aristocrats, Nazi junkers and Soviet bureaucrats.

          In "The Mass Psychology of Fascism", he concluded that bad leaders seek power not so much to dine on cutlets of child than as to suck energy off'n the public, like Dracula out of Transylvania (or those Dementors in a Harry Potter movie). The worst are sexually twisted (like Hitler, Nixon, name your cannibal down there in Africa, goat-humpin' Jihadsters, J. Edgar, or shirtless Mr. Putin) or else either repressed, like those Als... al-Qaida, oral-fixated Al Gore (whose unspoken remedy for trouble was to eat it, which perhaps explains the reluctance of that orally bloated Vice to whack that other morally bloated Vice among deplorable voters in the blue 2016 primaries on her clay ankles) and al-Jazreel… or bumptiously lewd… like Djonald Unchained, Kim ChillinIllin’, Slick Willie, Wilbur Mills or good ol’ Uncle Joe – not to mention two-thirds of the populations of Washington, New York or Hollywood, almost all of whom will thrive and survive to outlast the scoldings of MeToo, the Parkland protesters and the George Floyd anarchists, shooters and looters because, down inside, we feel we deserve to be kicked round.  Our dreams of rising up sour into bitter bubbles where we can torment others gets us through a our plague-haunted nights and days. This identification with the crazy rich and powerful, Reich called his Identification Principle. Others have called it Imitation Principle. Same initials, same difference!

          Most war and politics, frauds and religions do have, as a root cause... so to speak... old tomcats lusting after the young kitties (to have written “pussies” would have been sexist, not to mention speciest). "The culture markets sex with an unrelenting hard sell," reported Ellen Goodman in the Washington Post, "...then we turn around and tell kids to just say no."  Go look up the Ol’ Testament – one way it massages withered patriarchal testicles is in not prohibiting the incest between father and daughter.  Look it up!  (Of course, as I don’t have daughters, I’m not complaining that much – being as I more or less stand with Redd Foxx’s paleo-toxic masculine observation that “I’ll stay a dirty old man ‘til I’m a dead old man!”)

          The unfortunate reality is that the rest of the world also says "no" at us because they've learned to disrespect Americans, up to the very moment we invade their sorry-ass countries, after which they hate us, but squawk like hell if we mention pulling out for all the spare change cascading out of our pockets and into the couch.  When, inevitably, we have to institute regime change in the narco-dictatorships of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the objects of our salvationary sallies will swarm outside the gates of barricaded bases, shaking their tin cups.  Our "friends in Japan"... Brother Ross called 'em... fault our "idleness and self indulgence".  (Until they need our earthquake and nuclear expertise!)  Euros cry "philistinism and naiveté", other Latin Americans "insensitivity and boorishness" and the London "Economist" magazine calls us a "conformist tyranny", mired in "decadent Puritanism" described as the "odd combination of ducking reality and telling everybody what to do."

          Even when our termites fall, they fall upwards.  Shaking down Ukraine’s comedian-President earned Djonald Unchained impeachment, but failure to convict… twice!... after the alleged “whistleblower” was gunned down walking over the a Russian bridge enabled him to proclaim exoneration.  And when re-election foundered, blame Dominion voting machines and summoning forth the mob to hang his own disloyal Vice.  

          Once we started boycottin' U.N. meetings over Joe’s cherry pit picking Costa Rica as the first Central American narco-domino to tip over and that dues problema, UNAPIS invites itself here, and old Joe Smoal writes up a so-called "peacekeeping" bill as gives them authority to strut around, preventing "war crimes" as got passed by that devil’s alliance of the Freedom Caucus, the social media mafia, liberal Democrats and, for what reason the Devil only knows, ex-President Trump.  (Probably because their lust to see their enemies smacked down and locked up overrode the caution against others as might be thinking the same towards them.)  So down they come in their black helicopters and turquoise berets; tho’ all these dweebs from Burkina Faso, Canada and Latvia wind up doing is writing jaywalking tickets, collecting information already hacked from Facebook and sending names and faces as get displayed on surveillance cameras back to Brussels.

          Information, Entropy will tell you, is money. Paul Kennedy in "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers" compared our virtual infowealth to the glut of gold as poured into 17th century Spain, resulting in "...massive debts, inefficient industries, reliance on foreign manufacturers, vested interests." Thing is, gold at least plugs a hole in teeth (or, over there in England, you could take a dump in a golden toilet until somebody stole it and probably melted it down). We're doing with information (first computers, then biotech and maybe the nanotech on the way, not to mention that cyber-money based on celebrity dirty doodlings and past-date underwear and worthless stock in companies as went broke in the 90’s) like those Dutch, as took time off from pluggin' holes in dikes to bankrupt themselves with tulip speculations back in the day – using information to manufacture credit we extend to the Communist Chinese in lieu of paying for the crap they send us which isn’t that much different from the Venezuelans buying and selling with Monopoly money or the sort of partisanal “information” as Steve Bannon, Alex Jones or the lyin’ media concoct out of dicey data to create the fake news.

          "We prefer the illusion of choice to the reality of decision," contended Twitchell, as praised commercials for enlivening "interchangeable commodities" as qualify as "goods" - not "bads". Even glow-in-the-dark rats and the unsolicited credit cards as, Goodman replies, reach "...everyone from your six year old daughter to your Labrador," as well as the Russian criminals who poach ‘em out’n your mailboxes to steal your identity.

          Only a few of our own good government types seized the opportunity to posture on these financial shenanigans... I recall this committee colleague of my father’s, a paleo-conservative name of Scott McInnis (R-Co), as stood up on June 10, 1998 during some hearings to tighten personal bankruptcy laws and thundering: "If you can't afford it, don't buy it!"

          What a hell of a laugh was enjoyed, once all the lawmakers were out of range of the C-Span cameras!

          "Economists take for granted that dispositions of the market will not be resisted by other means of material allocation, such as force," Robert Heilbroner presumed at a time when even unexceptional Americans could expect a fair wage for their honest day's work as would pay for a house, a car, a television and a dead chicken to grill on the grills of summer Sunday afternoons or roast in the oven in winter. "The unsuccessful acquiesce in social defeat", only the "rare lunatic" disobeys.

          Time for the CNC to rise up, and take its place at the head of America's roundtable of "rare lunatics"!