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May 10th


MAKIN’ (n' keeping faith with) the FOURTH AMERICAN REVOLUTION!



By Jack Parnell - retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate


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          Once I'd made my mind up to retire, this Tennessee Democrat (as agreed with me about Obamacare bein’ nothing but an in-cider in-sureman scam, but couldn't say so in public) brought up ol' Jack Daniel from a district not far from his own. Most "entrepreneurial personalities" begin early in life; some may have dropped out of school or failed a few times before succeeding. "Many would have as much difficulty with corporate bureaucracy as with government," this eighty-something Democrat said (a’fore his district was gerrymandered Republican, too), "most would feel restricted in the now-large companies bearing their names. Many might not even be hired to mop the floor."

          Creation and its pride's more important to the true entrepreneurial mind than mere income. And Jack Daniel's having made it while Cubans, as don't sail to Miami, still drink rum... not very good rum, at that, since Bacardi decamped... calls to mind the words squeamish persons there in the Continental Congress uttered, as made Tom Jefferson remove this out of the Declaration of Independence, as being personally injurious to England's George the Third:



"Future ages will scarcely believe that the hardiness of one man adventured, within the short compass of 12 years only, to lay a foundation so broad & so undisguised for tyranny over a people fostered and fixed in principles of freedom." 

Sound familiar?  Cut twelve to four.

I've no doubt that Fidel Castro, like many others, started out some sort of entrepreneur. (If he'd made the Yankees as a player and then gone on to manage, might even be hawking credit cards on the ESPN, if he weren’t a-molderin’ in his grave, having handed off the Presidency to his brother… for the most part, these days… a vegetable or, maybe, tropical fruit!) Quite a few down in Miami fought with him, then split when it became clear he was no more serious about changing Cuba's top-down nature than its failed dictator, Batista.  Ted Cruz, for one (so they say, or more likely his JFK-killin’ father - as the Trumpster told it back in 2016).  The root fallacy of Communists, their watered-down Socialist brethren and furtherly watered-down Liberals is that Dictators of the Proletariat, over time, inevitably realize that it’s more fun to be a Dictator than a Proletarian and so start acting that way and devising violent measures to keep their sinecure (inasmuch as discarded Dictators tend not to wind up like ex-Presidents… writing books for money or teaching Sunday School or painting landscapes… they get hanged, like Saddam, or shot and thrown into a failing meat locker like Qaddafi to quietly decompose until the stench becomes unbearable).  Top-down bureaucracies always rot, bringing the same sort of people out into the streets as overthrew Batista or Czar Nicholas... or them King George dynasties, on both sides of the pond!

          Where there is confidence and a stability of leadership, Entropy withers and, where vision is exceptional and transmutable through generations, it may even be possible to occasionally reverse the drift into decline, allowing for Renaissance to flourish. Rome lasted as long as it did by reinventing itself constantly... with a consequence that the germ of civilization was preserved, from Irish monasteries to Byzantine palaces, through the long Dark Ages after Constantinople’s fall, finally to emerge in that actual epoch as we call the Renaissance.

          Hereabouts, we've bested three transitional crises of the sort as occur every seventy years or so. If the First American Revolution succeeded by fortune (and, yeah, we got by with a little help from the French!), the Second was inevitable... industrious, 19th century industry would've doomed and zoomed past pastoral plantation-feudalism even if the South had prevailed on the battlefield. The New Deal's Third Revolution reforms enabled us to rise to the challenges posed by depression, Germany, Japan and Russia so that, if you look at your calendar, you'll be alive to see portents of a Fourth Revolution of technogoguery and globalization swarmin' round, today, thick as the cemetery gnats.

          Boxcar Willie, down in Branson, may have been a former bowling-alley manager name of Lecil Martin, instead of a real hobo. May have been a fake, gone to fake hillbilly Hades with them Propecia cases in big hats, or that advertising fellow as wrote and sang "Convoy". His theatre in Branson may have been full of tacky, overpriced souvenir crap as was the Platterdome, or Smirnoff's joint... but, by God!, it was American crap, as Lecil used to tell anybody who'd pay mind... "All the toys are made overseas now. I don't know why the hell we can't get American-made toys... I could get whistles from Taiwan, but there's a family in Arkansas that makes them. It's their only damn income."

          What do Americans have left, now – aside from the frackinoilies, empty promises from Djonald Unchained and Candy Crush, as got toted up being worth some six billion bucks for its being sold to some conglomerate?  Finance. Insurance. Real estate*. Wise guys put them together, spell it "FIRE"... ever since November, 1963, they've been burnin’ off America's productive capacity to the extent that we're trillions of dollars in debt to others, ourselves and our future.  While the Dow sprints back towards 30,000, foreclosure, real unemployed and homeless rates are soaring too, them as stoked the fires are living high on Washington bailouts, and middle-classicals have become an endangered species.


* …although now, given the proliferation of bullshit high-tech balloons as some claim to be worth more than General Electric or General Motors, one might as well add Dotcoms to the list, which spells out F-I-R-E-D (as is the status of more and more of those as used to be called the Great American Middle Class.


          So when mobs storm meetings of the European Union in Dublin or Antwerp, and the IMF, G-10 and other diabolical, global rattlesnakes have to meet behind barbed wire, armed police and, for all we know, the Swiss Guard; even here, I say, it's only all they deserve... Revised Patriot Act be damned!

          Before pawning his soul to Clowntontown, Robert Reich... that little Tyrion Lannister who was Labor Secretary for awhile... suggested that, instead of trampling round the world sticking our nose in other nations' business, we institute no less than a "Marshall Plan" here at home to bring America into the Twenty First century as an awake, breathing participant in exciting, if dangerous, times, rather than as a dead deer... admittedly with a magnificent rack of history’s antlers... draped across the hood of Entropy's pickup truck:

          "Herein lies the real problem America faces at the dawning of the 21st century: While a small fraction of Americans has the conceptual skills to add substantial value to this new world economy, most Americans do not."

          Managing the Fourth Revolution will be more complicated than just ratcheting up "productivity"... as the one-world experts will tell you... making people work sixty-hour weeks at the $4.30 (or, even, $4.50 the hour) “training wages” now doled out to “independent contractors” is only slightly more tolerable than herding them off into prisons or crematoria.

          This time, this revolution's got to deal with the who we are and the what we've been put on God's green earth for.

          And followin' Entropy's rules won't cut it. I also recall how (if the gumment was advanced as it is now, back in 1866, when Jack Daniel discovered the limestone spring he intuited might make good sippin' whiskey for a century or so 'til corporate cockroaches as came after diluted it, then diluted it again down to where it might as well be Old Thompson) one of the child welfare people would have slapped an elbow down around his ears and hauled him off to school. Jack was thirteen when he started up his company... nowadays not even old enough to taste his product.

          "As soon as the government forced Jack Daniel to quit making whiskey on Sunday," was what the Congressman from Tennessee told me, as a means of wrapping up this with two fingers o'that, "...they made the school children quit praying the Lord's Prayer."