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December 24th




By Jack Parnell - retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate


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          All change is, at first, unpopular. Them as advocate... or, worse... activate for a change or two can count on opposition from the homo depilatii - smooth operators dociled in Entropy’s neutering labs - then sent back to do its dirty work in the communities.  (It’s why “community activist” is perhaps the strongest cussword in existence there in certain quarters, and not merely among the National Review, Daily Caller, Breitbart set.)  Most Americans in our arch-reactionary society suffer depredations of the parasites as say they’re here to help you, and then react... passively, for the most part, often spitefully, against their own best interests. ('Murkans took six days' vacation, last year, as opposed to eight in George the Third’s administrations, seven under Obama’s… ‘cept for the twelve percent actually out of work counting those with less than a twenty hour paycheck and the twenty-one percent underemployed at twenty to twenty-eight hours so as for employers to evade a whole basket of regulations and protections, but with the on-call shifts as keep them waiting by their phones day after day and unable to look for better jobs. Those indolent French took off five weeks, even the Chinese took three! Don’t believe me?  Check out this vintage Don Jones Index!

          Some critters, like President Trump, exploit the anger of the 99%... actually, more like around sixty percent of the working and wish-they-were-working class when you consider about a quarter as have fallen into the rathole of the underclass and maybe fifteen percent as really comprise what we used to call the middle class… by directing their rage downwards against immigrants, the rathole poor, the fake newspeople reporting on their corruptions and community activists (legitimate or not).  Pam Solo, as works with that Institute for a Civil Society foundation, as fears fear itself, attributes the quadrennial Squeamish obsession with "civility" to American fears "...that maybe we're all expendable."  (And we probably are!)

          But a few old codgers... as remember those truly revolutionary conditions as developed in America's Great Depression, only turned aside by war and the New Deal... the act of watching the inhabitants of Serbia, Ecuador or the Congo chasing their dictators through muddy, bloody streets, Saddam hanging in a basement and Qaddafi’s corpse rotting in a malfunctioning meatlocker, brings smiles and pleas to pass the popcorn and to hell (or Kim, or KISS or ISIS) with what comes after.

          Our English-speaking ancestors were suckled on revolt: from the Magna Cartists through Cromwell's "Glorious Revolution" a century before Lexington and Concord (as prompted Mister Locke to remark that "...constant strife between populace and rulers is the elixir of civic health..."). Every few decades during the 19th century, Americans took to the streets... admittedly more often in reaction to the  financial panics as beggared substantial portions of the laboring and mercantile classes alike. Northeastern cities burned in 1817, again, twenty years later, and the Civil War produced anti-draft riots above and below the Mason-Dixon line among both Blues and Grays (as in that Lenny DiCaprio tall-hats movie). Thereafter, up to and through the Gilded Age and Jazz Age to the Great Depression, labor and industrial management fought pitched battles with guns, stones, shovels and attorneys, tho' never realizing that the stage beneath them both was being 'et up by the termites.

          "Jesus had it dead right about the money-changers," said Pete Dexter, as scribbles for that paper up in Sacramento, California. "There is a difference between people who produce something and get rich, and people who move money around behind closed doors until some of it falls into their own pockets."  For every five people actually making something, Dexter adds, another ten "hang around trying to figure out how they could make a living off it, too.

          "Parasites don't need special care. They always find something to attach themselves to and feed." 

          "Economists take for granted that dispositions of the market will not be resisted by other means of material allocation, such as force," presumed old New Frontierist Robert Heilbroner. Surplus labor "acquiesces in social defeat", only the "rare lunatic" disobeys.

          Well, the Coalition for a New Consensus has near onto three hundred thousand rare lunatics now, and we're spoilin’ for a fight!  (Not that I’m advocating shootinDimmycrat Congresswomen in the face, like down in Arizona, or Republicans in the back, like that guy on the baseball diamond… real Americans do not disrespect the baseball!)

          I'll just wrap this li'l rap by observing that Martin Luther King was a great man. A hero and martyr... in spite of, or perhaps because of, his attraction to the ladies. But without Malcom X, the Black Panthers and such polishing their nails with switchblades in the background, he'd have been only another Baptist preacher, shouting into history's windstorm and worrying about Saturday’s bake sale; the dream remaining just a dream!

          He achieved because the establishment came to perceive him the lesser evil!

          Now before he passed on, I had the pleasure of conversing some with Barry Goldwater's former speechwriter Karl Hess from over the West Virginia line, as took up the metalworking after '64 instead of seeking out the sort of soft-core lobbying position losers take, between elections. By the time the GOP had deteriorated to the level of Dan Quayle, Ollie, Newtsome and, of course, the Bush Boys, Mittster and our current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania… not to mentiona all them others as thought more or less like Donald Trump, but didn’t have the schlongs to admit so… Karl had dropped out to run for Governor on the Libertarian ticket... probably the only Libertarian ever to have held down a useful job making stuff.  (Mr. Johnson, their perennial, sells weed, but doesn’t grow it – big distinction.) They kept finding shady ways to get him tossed off the ballot, and he never did even get the chance to run, but he never stopped trying till the day he died. "I am running for the right of people to be represented on the ballot," Karl said, "which is so fundamental to our form of government."

          If the CNC does go the alternate party route, and if we do get on the ballot in West Virginia, and win, it'll be because of men like Karl Hess.

          Consequently, we'll be holding our own convention well in advance of the others... for the purpose of settling certain unavoidable questions. Like, for example, does the Coalition form a third party, or just wade in to speed the Democrats along to their job of withering away and/or the Republicans to theirs of blowing up like a week-dead possum by the roadside spewing entrails?  Might even be we take the battle to those clueless old coots like Uncle Joe an' Hillary or the Bern on the one end, or Djonald Unchained (or Jeb or Lyin’ Ted or Little Marco or Sixpence)… whomsoever the duopoly vomits up in their own backyards; vision to chill the soul but, in the realpolitikal world, something as could happen, like Austin sweeping the primaries so we can have a real face-off in November. I been to Canada in wintertime, can take New Hampshire and Iowa. Got the chains and salt and parka salted away, down in the barn in Miller's Ridge, just in case, as well as sunscreen for those Deep South races.

          So, soon as we agree on a time and a place, those of you as have laid down your two Andy Jacksons (while you still can – before they get recalled and changed for Harriet Tubman’s or some other… Caitlin Jenner?) and joined up with the CNC can make plans to come on down to our People's Convention. With your help, we'll preserve, protect and defend this Constitution of the United States, fortifying three qualities as the jurist Blackstone deemed essential to a civil republic: wisdom (to discern the genuine interests of the people), goodness (to endeavor, always, to be faithful to these interests) and strength (to bring such knowledge and intention to fruition as the action).

          By any means necessary.  (Again, but nothing as falls under the orbit of  terroristic threats – or deeds!)

          "All progress," the playwright George Bernard Shaw reminds us, "depends on the unreasonable men."

          Back in the Twentieth Century, it was common for fly-by-night New Age activists to declare as they warn't neither left, nor right, but forward.

          The Coalition for a New Consensus ain't left, nor right; forward, nor even behind (tho’ I do admit to certain reactionary impulses as contradict the Cloud)... just ticking!

          Them Romans and Cambodians, them Aztecs and, of course, Pharaohs of Egypt had to deal with Entropy and couldn't make the transition, though they did leave behind some mighty fine ruins. Some as inhabit the future... if the Donald’s Secretaries of Energy, the Interior and Homeland Security (not to mention our still rudderless Defense Department) allow us one... might someday say the same about ourselves. How much better it would be, though, if Americans of the 25th, 55th or 105th Century would look back and say, of us: "They had the courage, and determination, and the smarts to reinvent themselves for awhile, no matter what the Divil threw agin' 'em!"

          They brought William Faulkner up to Sweden in late 1950 when, with the atom bomb and the Korean War percolatin’ (sound familier?), it did seem as if the world might soon be given over to the powers of defeat, darkness and despair of actual physical, eternal destruction. "I decline," he said, "to accept the end of man."

          So let's get to work, then, that this nation "of the people, by the people and for the people" won't perish from the Earth... no matter how the Russians howl, Islamists jabble, Chinese tinker with their tinkertoys and termites scheme… and, moreover, neither will the Earth itself perish out of abuse and the insults afforded it.  Awakening, Assembly, and Attack! That's Renaissance - and, as for Entropy, it'll have to be kicked off into the shadows for a while again... hopefully, a long while... before the entropy settles into the bones of the CNC itself, making necessary a new organization, with new people trying out new means to bring about Renaissance yet again.  A virtuous… as opposed to vicious… cycle.

          Let’s roll!