DISORG (Dis' ōrg) from Jezekiah Jemaliel Jates, "There Is A Cause..."


1)  A disorderly or disorganized person, society or practice - duly recognized and sanctioned by knowing HUMORGS.


2)  (See KOSMOS)  And, if there are worlds which may also be seen beneath depraved glass - dark worlds, spheres of corruption and dissonance - these shall have their greater companions in worlds like to our own, that they may thrive and flourish in our own space, in the void between atomic SPHERES; and these are the domains of the monstrous.  Such false sentiments are no longer needed, and these false representations must be destroyed.



GLASTIC (Glas' tic) compound noun, from "glass" and "plastic"


A silicon/protein-based chemical compound - the most common root component in construction, manufacture and communications.  Of more durability and versatility than conventional glass; less expensive than the petroleum-based plastic compounds, glastic was developed in Barataria under the direction of Jeremiah Jezekiel Jates; that visionary genius behind the Solar Furnace and so many other chemical, political and ethical advances since the terrible earthquake of 2026 (see Wabash Cannonball, vul. K’ball).


At the time of the earthquake, the then-United States and other so-called advanced nations of the world were already in crisis, due to rapid depletion of certain fossil fuels as oil, coal and natural gas.  While the Solar Furnace provided relief in the vital post-k’ball heating, electrical and transportation sectors, dwindling stores of petroleum had endangered numerous vital industrial plastic products - furniture and packaging materiel, domestic utensils and important chemical compounds essential to agriculture, hygiene, pest control and many, many other applications.  By essentially "organicizing" many of the silicon compounds (cheaply and easily produced from sand and certain common rocks) already utilized in the production of glass and electronic components, Jates was able to synthesize compounds that possessed both the revolutionary and evolutionary capacities of organic life and the artificially intelligent potentialities of advanced nanotechnological computing devices - harnessing these capacities to serve and to discipline humankind under the authority of legitimate political and scientific interests.


It must be emphasized that the only glastic compounds consumers should trust are those duly inspected and licensed by the Household Research Institute and/or corollary governing bodies in East and West America or the rest of the world, and that suspected counterfeits should be immediately reported to local authorities.


JEFFERSON, THOMAS  (1743 - 1826)


American polemicist, slavemonger, troublemaker and political predator who, briefly, developed a small but fanatical following in the tumultuous years after the American Revolution.


An infamous Lifestyle Criminal and miscegenationist in his native Virginia, Jefferson penned slanderous broadsides against the First Republic, its principles and its Confederation Articles (see United States - History; Washington, George).  Despite these many loathesome qualities, Jefferson was ambitious, unscrupulous and, in an unfortunate gesture of conciliation to whiskey distillers of the Western frontier territories tendered by President John Adams, was nominated to the Vice-Presidency.  This attempt at compromise failed miserably when the choleric Jefferson killed Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel, raised up an army against the Republic and (proving as incompetent a military general as a statesman) was promptly and thoroughly defeated at the Battle of Chadd's Ford.  Escaping into the wild, Jefferson next attempted to foment insurrection among the feral tribes on the far side of the Mississippi but failed, again, subsequently retiring to France to live out his life of bitterness and debauchery under Louis XVI and his successor, Napoleon I.  (Of note: the great K’ball occurred on his bicentennial!)


Jefferson's few remaining adherents in cosmopolitan and intellectual circles (some referring to themselves as "Knostiks") praise his scurrilous parody of the Second Republican Compact, which he called his "Constitution". Among its blasphemous, satirical elements was an invocation which substituted "life, liberty and license" for "health, security and property".  (See, also, Adams, John; deSade, Marquis; French Revolution; Hamilton, Alexander; Indians - American; Underworld - proscribed groups; Whiskey Rebellion.)



KOSMOS (Kos' mos) from the Greek (order, harmony)


       The known Universe is a SPHERE within a greater SPHERE, which is called the MACRORG and contains SPHERES without number, each of which is composed of numberless SPHERES and so on, down and above into infinities of infinities.  And the human body, the HUMORG, too, is composed of SPHERES which we call the MICRORGS, consisting of Molecules and Atoms and Particles that may not be seen, even through the strongest glass, and each of these is a world - home to millions and millions of organisms whose lives no HUMORG may comprehend.  (See DISORG)





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