13)  Sunday, January 26th – “Timeline!”


“Good afternoon America – I’m Evans Augsberg, it’s seven o’clock Sunday evening and this is Timeline.  With me today are Fiona Jacobs, political reporter for the British Broadcasting Company and, from Fox News, Dennis Scouse and we are going to address the breaking news out of Washington...”


And General Westmoreland Soames swatted a cat off the remote control on the table next to where Miss Lottie  was regarding the white persons in suits, saying: “Look, I’ve had all I can take from those stuffed shirts doin’ their dirty politics... the kids want to see the Simpsons, and I’m with them on that.”

Miz Lottie glared at him, “give that back to me,” she warned and Westy hesitated.  “This is important news!  It’s about your boss, your big boss, chowderhead, and if it affects your job, then it affects me.  And all the chill’un.  The evil old cartoon is just a rerun anyway.”

And she stuck out her hand, a defeated Soames grimaced and returned the remote.   “Don’t matter who the President is,” he appealed, “they got to get rid of that old money no matter who’s in charge...”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Miz Lottie cut him off and tweake the remote, raising the volume by another twenty  decibels.

“... an historic betrayal of the people’s trust and a President who now appears to have had his office stolen away for the second time – which occurrence is even worse than in 2020 because, this time, the thief was a trusted member of his own party and movement... President (and I use the term loosely because the court system will eventually correct this malfeasance of justice) Sam, the Sham, Rivers.”

And the moderator turned to his left.

“Fiona,” he said, “has there been a response from the rest of the world, as yet?”

Fiona Jacobs scrunched her nostrils up into a cynical pout.  “Well, I do have to say that you over here have once again covered yourselves with excrement in even permitting this atrocity to occur... again... Sam Rivers may be an opportunist, a narcissist even worse than his patron, but I do not think that the humane communities of the democratic... and that’s small “d”... West will shed too many tears for the 45th President.  His influence has been wholly a consequence of lies and betrayals and to see one of his own do to him what Mister Trump has done to so many others is, in fact, just justice...”

“Just treason!” Dennis Scouse interjected.  He evidently had more to say but, as his words devolved to stuttering and sputtering, Even Augsberg reclaimed his authority.

“Now let’s follow protocols and speak in turn.  I believe that Ms. Jacobs has adequately expressed her opposition to the President’s statement at noon today... so let’s hear the words straight out of the horse’s mouth, so to speak...”

“Out of the horse’s...” and there were two seconds of noise that bleeped out the rest of the panelist’s remark as the video pivoted to Sam Rivers, the former Speaker, acting Vice President and now, in his own right, the 49th President of the United States.


“My fellow Americans,” Rivers declaimed from the Presidential podium, and under the Presidential Seal, “when I was elevated to the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives on... yes... one six this year, following the terrible tragedy that took the life of Vice President elect Meldrim as well as so many other distinguished Americans, I prepared myself for the possibility of succeeding to the Presidency if and when President Burke’s health...”

“With all due respect,” Fiona Jacobs interrupted, “the issue never was about President Burke’s health, it was about a deal... a corrupt deal... as would enable the corrupt former President to sneak back into office after Burke, then Rivers, resigned to pave the way for him to...

“Ms. Jacobs...” Evan Augsberg interjected, waving a forefinger at the panelist from Britain...

“To regain the Presidency that voters had emphatically denied him in 2020 and that he had self-disqualified himself through his multiple convictions on State and Federal criminal charges that...”

“Bogus convictions, ma’am,” Scouse interrupted the interruptor, “politically motivated by a partisan President and Attorney General whom the voters vehemently rejected...”

There being no table, no podium Evan Augsbers slammed his fist upon his knee with such force that his painful groanings intimidated the panelists to such extent that he was able to regain control of Timeline.  “Upon that issue, let’s hear from an impartial analyst on the legal complications that arose regarding the former President, legal complications addressed by attorney and Professor Shaktir Temblor, Director of the nonpartisan Judicial Forum...”

“A right wing shyster,” Jacobs opined...

“Biden’s puppet,” responded Scouse.

“Exactly!” Evan Augsberg assumed control of the dialogue.  “Extremist progressives and the die-hard MAGA loyalists alike may complain, but the Professor will be heard.  Roll!” he commanded a network factotum, off camera, and the Professor’s face appeared on millions of television screens.

“The tenure, defeat in 2020, ineligibility to ever run for... I emphasize run for, not serve, as President in 2024 and the chain of circumstances that purportedl y brought the former Chief Executive to the portal of the Presidency until blocked today derive not only from the 25th Amendment but specifically from the question: if an individual is disqualified from service due to prior impeachment and conviction, does this also hold true if the former President is impeached... twice, mind you... during his tenure but, in both cases, acquitted by the legislature but subsequently convicted of what might well be termed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, do these circumstances suffice to prevent him from being prevent to taking office due to... One: impeachment and conviction occurred at different times and for different, if related, causes, and Two: while the language of the law prohibits him from running for the Presidency, should he be so prohibited under One Above, does it also prohibit him from serving should he become President through the resignation of one President, the terror-induced vacancy of the Vice Presidency, his election by peers to the Speakership and procedural elevation to the Presidency.

“Atrocity!” bellowed Scouse.

Jacobs shook her head.  “Patently illegal.”

Augsberg nodded too as the recording reached its end.  “Therefore, the contention that President Rivers... despite widely circulated rumours that he had cut a deal to resign in favor of the former President in exchange for nomination and appointment to the Supreme Court... that he is merely delaying any further action as opposed to denying the former President restoration to his post while the legal matters are being sorted out... well, this contention has merit.”

It’s larceny,” the Fox reporter told America.

“What President Rivers has done is underhanded, dangerous to democracy and a violation of whatever oath he swore before his prededessor,” said Jacobs.  “But I’m on board with that.”

Evan Augsberg straightened his necktie and assumed a serious expression for the benfit of the millions of viewers of Timeline.  “I concur that the litigation arising out of this contract on... with... America will delay any resolution, perhaps for months...”

“Years!” Scouse interrupted again.

“So President Rivers’ belief that his resignation in favor of the former President... whether eventually  validated or not... would entangle the entire Federal Government in paralyzing litigation, placing the national security at great risk.  We’ll return to Timeline,” Augsberg added, “after this important message from our sponsor.”


And, as a commercial for vaginal infections commenced, Tom remarked to Nancy: “Parasites!  All of them... the politicians, the media, the... those people, you know... parasites!  I work like a dog to bring home the pittance they dole out; I could steal enough in a day to retire in Mexico, but I don’t.  Trump, well, he’s crazy but at least he’s for the working man.  I’ll take crazy over weak, but it shouldn’t come to this.  And that Rivers... who is that cowboy anyway?  Certainly not MAGA.  Certainly not loyal...”

“If you robbed the facility to go to Mexico, would you take me with you?” Nancy asked.

“Of course, I...” and Tom gritted his teeth.

Back from his hiatus in the land of money, Evan Augsberg straightened the lapels of his suit, put on a firm but fierce look for the camera and motioned to the control people to mute the still squabbling panelists.  “Is it disloyalty, or fealty to the law?” he asked.  “Litigation could drag on for months, even year.  So again, is President Rivers’ determination to stay in office an act of treachery... breaking one’s oath to a colleague does not fall under the legal definition of treason, as the former President tweeted today... or is it patriotism.  Or just common sense?  Time will tell, and when it does, you’ll see and hear it on Timeline.  This has been Evan Augsberg, wishing you well.



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