Book Two:    BAAWL!”


 February 9th    Chapter Seven:


February 12th    Chapter Eight:

ALL of IT?

Book Three:    “613!”

 February 16th    Chapter Nine:



SPACE – Fifty thousand light years and eight hundred years distant… while colonists from Terra have swarmed across the Milky Way, they still have never found intelligent life… ever… save… themselves.  Feeding their ever-growing appetites for energy, for power, for answers.  And yet, for all their advancements, they’re the same creatures as crawled from Terran swamps thousands of years earlier… to propagate, to dominate, to consume – to exploit their science to create “hydes”, the human/animal hybrids to serve the pureblood “pluds” and to further divide themselves into the fortunate (whose existence is one of never-ending ease and luxury) and those who labor to support them on distant, hostile planets. 

      This is the story of the hydes of cargoship AegelweissBroonz and Turpin… marooned in Tao City on the planet Die of the dual-star system Doobydoo through the collusion of Regents and the corprocacies.  Ordinary spacemen, jobless now, reduced to life in the Baawl, that sprawling slum of Tao, their dim nitespots of fighting and forgetting, their rooms in the Hotel Andromeda among the others – Gargareeva, the Concierge; Al, from Down The Hall; Quaia and her daughter Marina and the greedily energetic Rateyes… fending off relentless bureaucracies and humiliations… their joyless labor, petty crimes and shabby, stolen pleasures while rehabbing a derelict boneship which with they scheme to make their fortunes or (at least) their escape.

      The more time passes and technologies change, the more human (and para-human) nature remains the same.



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