Months before an upcoming Presidential election… perhaps even the next, or the one after that… an angry, new populist movement, the CNC (Coalition for a New Consensus) inaugurates its convention in an old, ailing American city.

Over the years, much has changed, though more’s remained the same.  Donald Trump’s sour administration was been helpless, debt-ridden and despised.  His successors have stuttered and sputtered… life is markedly worse for most (although biotech's replication of 90's era dot-com frenzy has sent stock prices, insurance premiums, energy, healthcare costs and rents soaring); real wages plummet as jobs continue migrating to foreign slave-states or, increasingly, machines. Arrogant Republicans and cringing Democrats agree we’re "winning" the war on terror (if one confines the term to dirty deeds committed by furriners), but domestic terrorists remain active and randomly lively, civil liberties continue to be shredded, shadowy nerds poke and probe our increasingly digitized society and American intransigence in paying dues has prompted the U.N. to send its "peacekeepers" in blue berets and black helicopters to patrol America’s ungovernable inner cities, cities like that in which the CNC's convention is to take place.

For five days, this convention reunites aging activists Glenn Savitt and Anne Kazelka, staffers for Jack "Catfish" Parnell (ex-Congressman and author of Entropy and Renaissance), with the unreconstructed street radical Andy Morrison. Savitt and Kazelka's objectives are to secure primacy for Catfish over militia-based CNC rival Austin Tillerman; Morrison simply fears that convention violence will drive a stake through the heart of the already shabby safety net as serves the City's ever-increasing homeless population.

And other players behind the scenes... both global and domestic... have their own agendas.

Biweekly episodes run concurrent with syndicated columns from "Entropy and Renaissance"... Parnell’s strange populist manifesto as has (since the growth of multiple new parties… on the liberal left, tea-party alt-right and “radical center”) augured that a candidate becomes electable with 30% or less of the popular vote, making Parnell a force to be cultivated, even feared!



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